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Yuba County Jail

The Yuba County Jail is a county-owned and -operated jail that contracts with ICE to hold immigration detainees.  The facility is located in Marysville, California, which is 125 miles from San Francisco and 41.5 miles from Sacramento.

Contact Information

Contacting the Facility


Yuba County Jail
215 5th Street
Marysville, California 95901



Contacting A Detainee

To speak to a detainee by phone, the detainee will have to call you.  The Yuba County Jail will not connect you directly to an inmate.  Neither will the jail provide the inmate free calls to family and friends.  Thus, you will need to ensure that there is money on the person’s phone account.

To deposit money in the person’s phone account, go here and create a new account using Global Tel Link.  You will need to have ready the inmate’s “Master ID” number, given by the facility.  Or you can add money to the person’s jail account so that the inmate can purchase phone cards from inside the facility.  To deposit money in the person’s jail account, you can mail cash or a money order to the facility.  (Note that if you mail cash, you will not get a receipt.)  Or you can stop by the facility and use the kiosks in the lobby to deposit money using a credit card.

To send mail to the person, use the following address:

Inmate Name, Alien Number, and Booking Number
P.O. Box 1031
Marysville, California 95901

Contacting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Inside the Yuba County Jail

Inside the Yuba County Jail

There is no ICE office in Marysville, California.  Rather, the deportation officers assigned to cases at Yuba County Jail are located in Sacramento and San Francisco.  To reach the San Francisco Field Office, call (415)844-5512.  Have available the last three digits of the detainees alien number so that you can be routed to the deportation officer assigned to the person’s case.  The ICE officer who supervises detained cases at the Yuba County Jail is Assistant Field Office Director Jason McClay.  Officer McClay is supervised by the San Francisco Field Office Director Timothy S. Aitken.

Getting Released

Immigration Bonds

Immigration detainees at the Yuba County Jail may be eligible for an immigration bond, depending on the person’s criminal history, length of residence in the United States, and eligibility for relief from deportation, among other factors.  To find out if ICE has deemed the person eligible for release on an immigration bond, contact the ICE deportation officer assigned to the case.  The officer can be reached by calling the San Francisco ERO Field Office at (415)844-5512.

To post bond, visit any ICE ERO Field Office in the country. For fastest release, it is recommended that you post bond at the San Franciso Field Office:

630 Sansome Street, Suite 590
San Francisco, California 94111


After posting bond, inmates released from the detention facility in Yuba County will not be dropped off at the nearest bus station or airport. Family and friends of the detainee must pick up the detainee directly from the facility.

The Removal Process

Immigration inmates at Yuba County Jail are usually placed in removal proceedings, unless the person has previously been ordered removed and is awaiting deportation.  In removal proceedings, Immigration and Customs Enforcement attempts to prove why the person should be deported, and the detainee has an opportunity to put forth a defense.  For further information, on whether a person has a viable defense to removal, consult with an immigration attorney.

Immigration Court

Detainees at Yuba County Jail appear before the San Francisco Immigration Court via televideo.  In other words, the Yuba County Jail inmate remains at the facility, but communicates with an immigration judge using videoconferencing.  Detained cases at the San Francisco Immigration Court are heard out of the Appraisers Building, located at 630 Sansome Street, 4th Floor, Room 475, San Francisco, California 94111. The Court can be reached at (415)705-1033. There are currently three immigration judges at this location:

  • Judge Michael Yamaguchi
  • Judge Lawrence N. DiCostanzo
  • Judge Anthony S. Murry

Once a person is released from Yuba County Jail, his or her case will be transferred to the non-detained docket of the San Francisco Immigration Court.  Non-detained cases are handled at 120 Montgomery Street, Suite 800, San Francisco, California 94104.  Former detainees must show up at this court to finish their removal hearings, even after they are released from immigration detention.


It sometimes takes up to 3 weeks for an immigration detainee to see an immigration judge, depending on how quickly ICE processes the inmate and files the necessary documents with an immigration court.  Detained cases in San Francisco take approximately 109 days to be completed.

Facility Background

The Yuba County Jail houses adult and female immigration detainees.  Around 90% of the immigration inmates at Yuba are taken into ICE custody after being released by state or federal criminal agencies.  Roughly one-half of the facility goes to housing ICE detainees.  The rest are county inmates who are awaiting state court criminal hearings following an arrest.  According to an audit by the American Bar Association, ICE uses the facility for only short-term housing, and longer-term inmates are transferred to other facilities, like the Lerdo Detention Center.  The same audit criticized that detainees at Yuba County were not allowed private phone calls, that staff did not pass on messages from attorneys to detainees, and that collect calls were egregiously high in price.  Moreover, interviewed detainees were not made aware of “know-your-rights” presentations at the facility.

Nearby Facilities

If you are having difficulty locating someone at the Yuba County Jail, you may want to try contacting any the following immigration detention centers:


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