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Rolling Plains Detention Center

The Rolling Plains Detention Center is an immigration jail situated approximately 200 miles from Dallas, Texas.  On average, the facility houses an estimated 500 immigrants, the vast majority of which are adult males.  While many detainees in Haskell are transferees from facilities outside of Texas, others are immigrants arrested on criminal charges in Dallas and surrounding counties.  In addition, many at the Rolling Plains Detention Center are immigrants who have finished serving prison sentences at the Eden Detention Center, close to Abilene, Texas.

Contact Information

Contacting the Facility


Rolling Plains Detention Center
118 County Road 206
Haskell, Texas 79521


(940) 864-5694

Contacting A Detainee

To speak to a detainee by phone, call the facility’s main desk at (940)864-5694 and ask the receptionist to leave a message for the person to call you back.  (Unfortunately, the facility will not connect you directly to the inmate.)  When you call, the facility will ask for the person’s full name and alien number.  It is recommended that in your message you leave a call-back time so that you can be available.  Because it can take a few hours for the message to be delivered, it is also advised that you ask that the person call you the following day or evening.

To deposit money in the person’s phone or other account, visit  Click on “Make a Payment Now,” and create a new account.

To visit the a person at the detention facility in Haskell, go to 118 County Road 206, Haskell, Texas 79521 during the following hours:

  • For males with last names that begin with letters A-M, go on Saturdays between 7:30am and 3pm
  • For males with last names that begin with letters N-Z, go on Sundays between 7:30am and 3pm
  • For females, go on Saturdays between 3pm to 7pm

Haskell, Texas ICE Detention

Haskell, Texas

To send mail to the person, use the following address:

Inmate Name and Alien Number
Rolling Plains Detention
118 County Road 206
Haskell, Texas  79521

Contacting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

There are two ICE deportation officers working on-site at Rolling Plains, Officer Rodriguez and Officer Sandoval.  They can be contacted at the detention facility by calling the main desk (940)864-5694.  Usually the deportation officers at the Regional Field Office in Dallas, Texas have more information on detainees’ cases because their files are located there.  ICE’s Dallas office is located at 8101 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, Texas 75247.  The number for this office is (214)424-7811.  The Field Office Director Nuria T. Prendes and Assistant Field Office Director Reed Little can both be contacted by calling this number.

Getting Released

Immigration Bonds

Some immigrant detainees are eligible for release from detention on an immigration bond.  To find out if ICE has set a bond amount, call the Dallas Field Office at (214)424-7811 and ask to speak to the deportation officer assigned to the case.  If ICE has deemed the person ineligible for bond, he or she may still be able to obtain release on bond by requesting a bond hearing before an immigration judge.

Immigration bonds can be posted at any ICE ERO Field Office in the United States.  But to get a person detained in Haskell released in the shortest amount of time, it is recommended that bond be posted at the Dallas ERO Field Office:

8101 North Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, Texas 75247

The person posting bond should be a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident and should bring two forms of photo ID.  To contact the Bond Unit at the Dallas Field Office, call (214)424-7866.


Inmates released from the Rolling Plains Detention Center can be dropped off at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), located at:

DFW International Airport
3200 East Airfield Drive
DFW Airport, TX 75261

The Removal Process

Detainees at the Rolling Plains Detention Center are almost always charged with removability from the United States.  In most cases, inmates will have multiple “removal hearings” before an immigration judge.  In those hearings, inmates have the opportunity to present claims for relief from deportation or request voluntary departure.

Immigration Court

Persons detained in Haskell appear via televideo at the Dallas Immigration Court, located at 1100 Commerce Street, Room 404, Dallas, Texas 75242.  Most recently, Immigration Judge James Nugent presides over all immigration cases out of the Rolling Plains Detention Center.


Currently, it can take between 2-3 weeks for a person to see an immigration judge, from the time that he or she is detained. In fiscal year 2011, it took an average of 23 days for a case at Rolling Plains Detention Center to be completed.

Facility Background

History and Intake

The Rolling Plains Detention Center is an ICE-contracted facility run by Emerald Companies, which took over management in 2003.  The facility has bed space of 555 beds, and tends to operate at full capacity.  In the past few years, detainees there are frequently transferred to the South Texas Detention Center when Rolling Plains becomes full.  In 2009, Rolling Plains took in 11,064 inmates.  From April of 2007 to March of 2008, 1,695 detainees left the facility to be deported, and 333 left after being granted voluntary departure.  Finally, that same year, 290 detainees bonded out of detention.

Notable Events

In 2004, and AP article reported that, due to overcrowding, inmates at Rolling Plains were forced to sleep on the floor and were given irregular and insubstantial food portions.  In 2007, an internal ICE audit noted that while the facility was overall in good condition, some of the rooms in the segregation area had gang graffiti on the walls.  In 2008, a Washington Post article highlighted the death of Luis Dubegel-Paez, a 60 year-old Cuban national who died while detained at the the Rolling Plains Detention Facility.  According to the Houston Chronicle, Dubegel-Paez had for months complained about chest pains and heart problems and had asked to see a doctor.  In response he was given cold medicine and tylenol.  He died on March 2008.

Emerald Companies, the operator of the Rolling Plains Detention Center, became embroiled in controversy when it struck an unpublicized deal with county commissioners in La Salle County to operate a jail there for a flat fee.  After several lawsuits, Emerald scrapped the flat fee and agreed to be paid based on the number of prisoners detained at the facility.

Nearby Facilities

If you are having difficulty locating someone at the Rolling Plains Detention Center, you may want to try contacting any the following immigration detention centers:

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