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The Krome Detention Center is one of most well-known immigration detention centers in the United States.   Located in Miami, Florida, the facility holds an average of 600 immigration detainees.  (The ICE detainee population at Krome has fluctuated between 550 and 875 since 2006.)  Krome detainees are either in removal proceedings or are awaiting deportation.  Since 2009, the majority of Krome detainee are Haitians, followed by large numbers of Mexicans, Guatemalans, Chinese, and El Salvadorans.  Over 30 other nationalities are represented at the facility.  The facility is formally referred to as the Krome North Service Processing Center.

Contact Information

Contacting the Facility


Krome Service Processing Center
18201 SW 12th Street
Miami, Florida 33194



Contacting A Detainee

To speak to a detainee by phone, call the facility’s main line at (305)207-2001 (press ‘1,’ then ‘5’, then ‘4’) and leave a message for a detainee.  Or you can speak to a live receptionist at (305)207-2001.  You will be asked for the person’s full name and alien number.  Note: the Krome SPC staff will not connect you to an inmate by phone.  Krome detainees are not allowed free phone calls to family and friends, so you will need to add money to the person’s phone account.  It is recommended that, in your message, you leave a specific date and time for the person to return your call.  That way you can make sure you are available.

To deposit money in the person’s phone account, you can add money online using Telmate.  You can also use the kiosks located inside the facility lobby to add money to the person’s account.  Finally, you can (866)516-0115.  To send money for general use at the facility, use a U.S. postal money order.  Note: other forms of money will not be accepted.

To visit the person, go to the detention facility on Saturdays or Sundays from 8am-10:30am or 1pm-3:30pm.

To send mail to the person, use the following address:

Inmate Name, Alien Number, Booking Number
Krome Service Processing Center
18201 SW 12th Street
Miami, Florida 33194

Contacting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Krome Detention Center

Entrance to the Krome Detention Center

The ICE deportation officers work inside the Krome Detention Center.  To reach one, call 305-207-2001, and press ‘1’ for English and ‘2’ for Spanish, and then press ‘4’ to speak to a deportation assistant.  The assistants can route you to a deportation officer based on the last three digits of the person’s alien number.

Getting Released

Immigration Bonds

Not all inmates at Krome are eligible for immigration bond.

If you wish to post bond, you can do so at any ICE ERO Field Office in the United States. However, Krome inmates are released more quickly, when bond is posted directly at the Krome Processing Center in Miami:

Krome Service Processing Center
18201 SW 12th Street
Miami, Florida 33194

Bond must be posted by a US citizen or lawful permanent resident.  U.S. citizens should bring a passport and driver’s license.  Residents should bring their resident alien card.


Inmates released from Krome on an immigration bond are not transported by ICE to the nearest airport or bus station.  According to a deportation assistant at Krome, released inmates must take a taxi to Miami International Airport or be picked up by relatives.

The Removal Process

Krome immigration detainees usually face the prospect of deportation.  They are being held by ICE because ICE views them as either a flight risk or danger to society.  Unless the detainee has been deported before or very recently entered the country, he or she will have the chance to offer a defense to deportation before an immigration judge.

Immigration Court

Krome cases are heard by a court located inside the Krome Service Processing Center.  The court is referred to as the Krome Immigration Court or the Krome SPC Immigration Court.  There are currently four immigration judges who hear cases at Krome:

  • Judge Rex J. Ford
  • Judge Kenneth S. Hurewitz
  • Judge Adam Opaciuch
  • Judge Denise N. Slavin


Krome inmates sometimes wait up to 3 weeks to see an immigration judge from the time of arrest.  Cases at Krome took an average of 82 days to be completed in fiscal year 2011.

Facility Background


The Krome Detention Center opened in 1980 to house an influx of Cuban and Haitian refugees.  The population there has fluctuated over the years based on conditions in Central and South America.  The facility’s capacity has been a subject of controversy, given rampant allegations of overcrowding.  However, ICE pegs the capacity at up to 1,000 detainees if tents are used.  The American Correctional Association set the appropriate limit  at 226.  In 1992, the men’s dormitory was burned down in a fire, causing the displacement of female detainees to small rooms in Krome’s Public Health Service building.

Inmates at the Krome Detention Facility are held, on average, for between 30 and 90 days.  A small number of detainees are forced to stay over a year because of difficulty in obtaining travel documents for them.  Immigration detainees at Krome are segregated into three different populations, based on the severity of their criminal histories.  Roughly a third of the immigrant detainees have no criminal history.

Criticism of Conditions at Krome

The Krome Detention Center has been harshly criticized by the media and advocacy groups for mistreatment of detainees.  In 1991, the Haitian Refugee Center issued a scathing report about patterns of human rights violations at the facility.  In 1995, the Office of the Inspector General reported that overcrowding at Krome was causing health problems, especially to female detainee.  It also stated that ICE officials were attempting to cover up the overcrowding problem by transferring detainees to other centers shortly before facility inspections.  As a result of conditions at Krome Detention Center, there have been a number of protests and strikes there.  In January 1993, approximately 150 detainees staged a hunger strike there.  In 1996, a number of Sikh inmates, all seeking political asylum in the United States, went on a month-long hunger strike to protest conditions at Krome.

Allegations of Sexual Abuse

The Krome Detention Center has also been plagued by allegations of sexual abuse.  As far back as 1990, the Department of Justice and FBI launched an investigation into allegations of physical and sexual abuse of immigrants at Krome.  The agencies did not bring charges at the time.  Despite efforts by numerous human rights groups, the results of the investigation were never released.  In 2000, the Women’s Commission For Refugee Women and Children released a report alleging widespread sexual abuse of Krome detainees by facility staff.  Reportedly, staff workers would falsely promise release from detention in exchange for sexual favors.  Other Krome employee were alleged to have threatened deportation if female detainees did not accede to their sexual demands.

Nearby Facilities

If you are having difficulty locating someone at the Krome Detention Center, you may want to try contacting any the following facilities:

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