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The Calhoun County Jail, also known as the Calhoun County Correctional Center, is located in Battle Creek, Michigan, 122 miles west of Detroit.  The facility houses immigration detainees pursuant to a contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).   The Calhoun County Jail is now the largest immigration detention facility in the State of Michigan.

Contact Information

Contacting the Facility


Calhoun County Jail
185 E. Michigan Street
Battle Creek, Michigan 49014


(269) 969-6304

Contacting A Detainee

To speak to a detainee by phone, you will have to make arrangements for the inmate to call you directly.  The Calhoun County Jail staff does not pass messages to detainees, and will not connect you directly by phone.  Instead, the detainee will need to call you collect using money on his or her phone account.  To pass information to a detainee, write him or her a letter at the address above.

To deposit money in the person’s phone account, go to the Securus Technologies website and set up a new account.  Once the account is set up and money is added to it, the detainee will be able to call you collect from inside the facility.

To visit the person, arrive at the facility address between 7am and 2:15pm on Monday through Friday.  Visiting hours end at 3pm.

To send mail to the person, use the following address:

Inmate Name and Alien Number
Calhoun County Correctional Facility
185 E. Michigan Street
Battle Creek, Michigan 49014

Contacting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Calhoun County Correctional Center

Calhoun County Jail in Battle Creek, Michigan

The ICE deportation officers work out of the Detroit ERO Field Office, and can be reached at (313)568-6049. (Press ‘7’ to speak to a deportation officer.) To visit the Detroit Field Office in person, go to 333 Mt. Elliott Street, Detroit, Michigan 48207.  The office is open 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.  Deportation officers are assigned to cases based on the immigrant’s nationality and alien number, so have this information available before calling the office.

The ICE officer who oversees detained cases at Calhoun is Assistant Field Office Director James Jacobs.  The regional supervisor is Field Office Director Rebecca Adducci.  To contact either of them, call the Detroit ERO Field Office.

Getting Released

Immigration Bonds

ICE detainees at the Calhoun County Correctional Facility are able to bond out.  (Roughly 33% — a very high proportion of Calhoun ICE detainees — are released on an immigration bond.)  To determine a person’s bond eligibility, call the ICE deportation office in Detroit, Michigan at (313)568-6049 and and press ‘7’ to speak to a deportation officer assigned to detained cases.  Even when ICE refuses to set a bond for a person’s release, you should contact an immigration attorney to find out the detainee’s other options.  In most cases, the detainee or his attorney can request a bond hearing before an immigration judge.

To post bond for a Calhoun detainee, go to any ICE ERO Field Office in the United States.  However, to get him or her released in the shortest amount of time, it is advised that you go to the bond office in Detroit, Michigan:

260 Mt. Elliott Street
Detroit, Michigan 48207

To post bond, bring to the office a cashier’s check or money order for the full amount of the bond.  The person who posts bond must be a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, and must show photo ID.


Inmates released on bond from the Calhoun County Correctional Facility are not transported by ICE to the nearest bus station or airport.  It is recommended that a person living far from Battle Creek make arrangements for the person to be picked up directly from the jail.

The Removal Process

Immigrant detainees at the Calhoun County Jail are typically charged with removability within weeks of being arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  After this, the detainee usually attends immigration court, where an immigration judges ultimately decides the detainee’s fate.  The detainee is allowed to hire an attorney to represent him in court, and to present evidence on his own behalf.

Immigration Court

Detainees at Calhoun appear before the Detroit Immigration Court in Detroit, Michigan.  While the immigration judge (and the attorneys) sit in Detroit, the detainees remains in Battle Creek and communicate to the judge via video-teleconference.  There are currently two immigration judges assigned to detained cases in Detroit.  One works full-time on detained cases, while the other spends 3/4 of his or her time on them.  The immigration judges in Detroit are:

  • Judge Elizabeth A. Hacker
  • Judge Marsha K. Nettles
  • Judge Robert D. Newbury
  • Judge David H. Paruch

Persons released on bond must still attend court in Detroit.


Currently, it can take between 2-3 weeks for a person to see an immigration judge, from the time that he or she is detained. In fiscal year 2011, it took an average of 23 days for a case at Rolling Plains Detention Center to be completed.

Facility Background

The Calhoun County Jail opened in 1994, and has a maximum capacity of 630 inmates.  (Usually, the jail only holds between 300 and 400 detainees.)  In August of 2007, the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department signed a contract with ICE to house immigrant detainees for an indefinite term, until either party terminates the agreement.  Between 2007 and 2009, the facility housed between 160 and 190 ICE detainees on an average daily basis.

In March of 2011, the Calhoun facility received an influx of 20 immigrant detainees, after a four-day crackdown by ICE on immigrants with criminal convictions.

Nearby Facilities

If you are having difficulty locating someone at the Calhoun County Jail, you may want to try contacting any the following immigration detention centers:

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